Studio Policies

Tuition is due for the month ahead at the first lesson of each month. I accept checks,  payment directly from your bank and payment from online apps.  I no longer accept cash. There is an annual registration fee of $35 per student due  with June tuition for the 2018/2019 school year. 


In cases of sickness I must be notified at least 24 hours prior to your lesson  for a request to make up the lesson.  Make ups will  be offered at my discretion and are not guaranteed. No credits for missed lessons will be given, except when they are due to my scheduling conflicts. Please note that I teach Tuesday to Thursday only and am not available for lessons on Fridays or weekends.  If you are sick, please do not come to your lesson, especially if you are at the beginning stages of a cold when you are most contagious. 


My Redwood City teaching  times are Tuesdays – Thursdays. All lessons are weekly for school age students during the school year. I take some time off in late December and in the summer. My vacation and other  absences will be noted in the newsletter, well in advance of the dates.  I take off only the major holidays and these will be noted in the calendar. Adult students come for their lessons during the school day as after school hours are reserved for students K - 12. 

Lessons are 45 minutes in length. Students who are working at RCM Grade 5 level piano and above  take an hour's lesson. 

MUSIC – I will either  buy your music and be reimbursed or provide details of  specific books to order. 

As a teacher my expectations for your progress are high. They are however, based on the individual student. I expect that you make a commitment to studying music and that you are diligent in your practice.  I expect that you arrive on time for your lesson and with all your books and materials. I reserve the right to discontinue teaching a student  if I determine that progress is not being made, if payments are late,  if practice is not being consistently done or the student is regularly absent or tardy.  

Parents are always welcome to observe their child’s lesson. It is advisable to have a parent or guardian in attendance for students younger than eight. 

STUDENT RECITALS - Recitals will be held approximately twice a year, there may be additional ones in the Studio for those students taking RCM examinations. 

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COMPETITIONS AND ASSESMENTS There are a variety of student programs through 
 CAPMT  .  Students are also eligible to be assessed through at all levels, in piano , voice and theory through The Royal Conservatory's Music Development Program. 


Piano : I teach piano at all levels, from the age of  5.   I can only teach adults during the school day as after school slots are reserved for K - 12 students. I incorporate music theory and improvisation during lessons. 

Voice:  I teach voice at all levels Most of my voice students are adults or teens but I do take younger students on a case by case basis.  I prefer that voice students have the ability to play their vocal line on the piano . I will teach reading skills, if necessary.  Music theory and sight singing are incorporated into lessons. 

Music Theory - I teach Preparatory through Advanced Rudiments of Theory and Music History. 

Public Speaking: I am available for speech coaching, for all aspects of  speech and performance skills. 

Accompanying I am available to make accompaniment cds and to accompany singers and other instrumentalists

Audition preparation. I am also available for a short series of lessons to work up audition pieces. I am also happy to coach experienced singers who need musical help with a particular work.


I was born in London, UK in 1954 and left England with my British husband Michael Field  and 1 year old son Hugh  in 1982. Our daughter Julia was born in New Jersey, in 1984. We have lived in New Jersey, Colorado and California and I  have maintained private teaching studios in Boulder, San Diego and Redwood City and taught piano and voice since 1990. I sang  with Opera Colorado and San Diego Opera and  in San Diego established San Diego Youth Opera, producing and directing  Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, in 2001.  

I have performed in numerous vocal quartets, duet and solo recitals, with piano and small orchestra, in Boulder, San Diego, London, Oxford, Alberta, and in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as a  mezzo soloist, choir section leader,  pianist and Music Director for churches of all denominations including San Diego's Immaculata Church, Denver's Church of the Good Shepherd, and Redwood City's UU Fellowship. I was Music Director at Peace Lutheran Church, Danville from 2006-2011.

I have also worked extensively as a collaborative pianist, with singers and instrumentalists and served as VP of Programs  on the Board of the San Francisco Chapter of NATS from 2006-09 and from 2012-14. I have been President of  CAPMT, (California Association of Professional Music Teachers, an affiliate of MTNA) from May 2010 to March 2014.  I served on the MTNA Conference Planning Committee for the 2013 Conference in Anaheim, the State Affiliate of the Year Committee from 2013-15 and was MTNA SW Division Director Elect for the 2014-16 biennium. I was the San Francisco Bay Area Coordinator for the MusicLink Foundation, from March 2015  to September 2016. In April 2016, I was extremely honored to be made an MTNA Foundation Fellow at the MTNA San Antonio Conference Gala and I served as MTNA SW Division Director from 2016 to March 2018. I have been teaching  the RCM Curriculum in piano, voice and theory and have had students perform in their Recital of Excellence Recitals in California every year since 2013. Only students who receive First Class Honors with Distinction are eligible to perform.