Sue Field's Music Studio

March 9th 2021

Current rates

45 Minutes - $65  (Intermittent lessons $80) 

60 Minutes $80 (intermittent lessons $100) 

75 Minutes $100

Monthly tuition is paid at the first lesson of the month or before. 

 Most  students are now coming to the Studio for nearby (house) remote lessons. I hope to get most of you back to this model as soon as possible.  In April I will offer in studio lessons when adult students are fully vaccinated (2 weeks after 2nd Covid shot) or when the adult accompaning the child is fully vaccinated. Email me for more details. 

Congratulations to Amelia for her perfect result at RCM Grade 5 online theory (see RCM box below). This is all the more outstanding as she only  started Grade 5 theory last summer having not done any RCM previously. 



My piano tuner is Carla Wray (650) 391-8721, 

Please note that she is extremely busy and requires as much notice as possible for tunings. After the initial tuning I recommend that you be put on her regular schedule for tunings every 6 months.  

2020/2021 CALENDAR

Memorial Day, May 31st

W/E of June 12th/13th Studio student recitals. 

Studio closes for Summer break after lessons ,Thursday, June 24th. 

June 25th - September 6th Studio closed

Tuesday, September 7th  - Studio reopens for the 2021/2022 School Year. 

The 40 Piece Challenge, originally created by Elissa Milne

Congratulations to all my pianists from K to 8th grade for completing the Challenge during the 2019/2020 school year. This year's challenge is ongoing for students up to 8th grade only. 

Royal Conservatory of Music  Exam results

Regional Gold Medals 2020

Emmy Donnelly, Grade 4 piano
Minou Ono, Grade 1 voice

February 2021 Online Exams

Amelia Jeffs, 100% Grade 5 theory 

December 2020 remote exam results

Isabelle Simon, Grade 6 piano

First Class Honors
Natalia Chong, Grade 1 piano
Minou Ono, Grade 4 piano

June/July 2020 remote exam results


Brandon Lin, Grade 3 piano
Emmy Donnelly, Grade 5 theory
Valeriia Saitova, Grade 1 piano

First Class Honors
Michael Simon, Grade 10 piano

December 2019 results

Emmy Donnelly, Grade 4 piano

First Class Honors
Brandon Lin, Grade 2 piano
Minou Ono, Grade 1 voice
Minou Ono, Grade 5 theory

May 2019 results

First Class Honors 
Minou Ono, Grade 3 piano
Ari Rosales, Grade 7 voice
Ariane Shah, Grade 2 piano
Isabelle Simon, Grade 4 piano

December 2018 results
Emmy Donnelly, Grade 3 piano
Isabelle Simon, Grade 3 piano
Isabelle Simon, Grade 6 theory
Michael Simon, Grade 9 history

Results from May 2018
Minou Ono, Grade 2 piano
Michael Simon, Grade 8 theory
Tej Tummala, Grade 7 theory

First Class Honors
Emmy Donnelly, Grade 2 piano
Michael Simon, Grade 9 piano


Many congratulations to Emmy and Minou on their 2020 RCM regional gold medals at Grade 4 piano and Grade 1 voice respectively. 

to Amelia, Distinction (100%)  on Grade 5 theory, 

 to Isabelle, Distinction on RCM  Grade 6 piano. 

to Minou and Natalia, First Class Honors on RCM Grade 4 and 1 piano. 

Studio Facebook Page - Sue Field's Music Studio
I have a facebook page for the studio and post articles, pertinent to learning and of musical interest. Search for Sue Field's Music Studio on facebook and it will come up - the link, seems unreliable.

Studio alumni news
Megnha Shrivastava graduated High School in '15 and is attending Cornell University, Her brother, Shiven also attends  Cornell. The Shrivastava Family left Redwood City for North Carolina several years ago. 

Matt Jenkins (pianist) graduated from Sequoia HS, in June 2014 and is now at Brown University. He is in training for football (Matt played on the varisty HS team, from his freshman year) and still finds time to play the piano.
Michael Simon graduated Sequoia High School in June 2020 with an International Baccalaureate. He took RCM Grade 10 piano in July '20 and received an excellent First Class Honors result. He is now attending UCLA. 
Aditi Trivedi, my longtime student from the San Diego studio begins medical school at UC Davis, August 2015,  having graduated from UCSB in 2014, Many congratulations to her. I'm especially proud that she minored in music at UCSB and is singing and recording currently. She is now Dr.Trivedi.
Carina Whaley (singer)  who graduated HS in '11 is heading to Dublin for a semester abroad and will then return to Purdue in January for a final semester before graduating in May '15.   Congratulations to Carina on her recent graduation! 
Erica Whaley (singer) graduated HS in '13 and now attends Miami University in Ohio. She is a mechanical engineering major with a minor in economics. Congratulations to Erica on her graduation, May 2017. 

Directions to the Studio
Please note my studio is located behind my house and is a completely separate building - pass by wrought iron gate to the left of the garage and walk behind the house. 
I am approximately midway between the 280 and 101.On 280 exit Edgewood Road if coming south from San Francisco and if coming north, from San Jose exit on Farm Hill Road. From 101 exit Whipple in both directions. There is plenty of street parking. 
Public Transport
I am only one mile away from Redwood City Caltrain and the Bus Depot at Sequoia Station. 

Dexter: 9.9.07- 3.28.15, Rest in Peace.